New details of Spore revealed

Written by Ryan Garside

May 8, 2006 | 14:42

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The highly anticipated ‘simulate-everything’ game from acclaimed director Wil Wright has had some of its features and details unveiled.

There's also an interesting new video of the game running.

In the leaked E3 footage, you get to see the novel (and rather intuitive looking) creature creation screen as well as a wide range of the different playing styles that the game will include. In a recent interview creator Wright made these rather philosophical musings about the game:

"In some sense, it's about stepping back and getting a sense of all the different things the universe is made of at all the different scales. At the higher levels of the game, one of the things you can research is genetic engineering, at which point you can access the creature editor for free and you can design as many creatures as you want, and use them to populate worlds. You could recreate an entire ecosystem designing every creature in it."

The game, which featured as top of our Most Wanted game list of 2006, has had gamers worldwide astounded with its ambitious and revolutionary proposals for gameplay. One idea that Wright is especially excited about is the ‘Massively Single Player’ mode of gameplay in which players will be able to interact with others users created worlds that they have uploaded whilst remaining entirely single player. You will be able to destroy a friend’s empire whilst he destroys yours:

"We're trying to get the best aspects of multiplayer -- which is the collaborative everybody building this huge world together -- without all the downsides that we all have to be on the same timeline, and everybody has to be nerfed, and nobody can be the hero. I really want to be the hero in this universe."

Spore looks set to be the most interesting and diverse gaming experience of 2006. To read the full interview with Wright check out and be sure not to miss the video footage.

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