New DoD:S HDR map: dod_kalt

Written by Geoff Richards

January 26, 2006 | 13:01

Tags: #day-of-defeat #hdr #source #update

Companies: #steam #valve

It's that time of the week again for a Valve update. This week, Gabe & co have released a new map for Day of Defeat: Source: dod_kalt.

As the name suggests, dod_kalt is set during winter. Indeed, given the weather we're enduring right now, a snow-dusted map seems entirely appropriate.

The map features Valve's High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting and auto-exposure lighting tricks which has the added bonus of simulating snow-blindness. Exit a dark building into a snow-covered courtyard and your screen is temporarily whited out as the sun glints off the fresh powder.

The other update with this release is described merely as "Fixed players getting stuck on models". We can't say we have experienced this bug first-hand but it has clearly been an issue for enough people to justify a patch.

You can grab the update from Steam now, and check out the news here.

As always, the updates will be applied to your PC when your Steam client is restarted. While you wait for the update to download, you can check out some screenshots we took, and then discuss the new map in the forum.

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