New WoW race is the Draenei

Written by Wil Harris

May 11, 2006 | 04:09

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The world is officially out: the new Alliance race in the Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft will be...

The Draenei.

According to Azeroth's mythology,

"Almost 25,000 years ago, a faction of Eredar led by Velen fled their homeworld of Argus, calling themselves the draenei("Exiled Ones"). After traveling through the cosmos they finally found a world which they called Draenor ("Exile's Refuge"). They at first shared a peaceful existence with the natives, orcs and trade with them. They enjoyed a shamanistic lifestyle. However by coming to the planet they also lured their the rest of their kind there as well, who found the orcs to be easily manipulated. Unfortunately, they were almost completely exterminated by the orcs shortly after their corruption by the warlock Gul'dan."

Consequently, the Draenei are none to happy about the continued existence of the Orcy ones in Azeroth, and are said to fly into a bloodthirsty rage when in their presence. Which should make for an interesting gameplay mechanic.

The New York Times says that the classes for the new race will be Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Mage and Hunter.

We've seen Burning Crusade here on the E3 floor, and we'll head back to the Blizzard booth tomorrow to see if we can pick up some more details. In the meantime, discuss your WoW addiction over in the forums.
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