3DS hacked within 24 hours of Japanese launch

Written by Joe Martin

February 28, 2011 | 16:44

Tags: #3ds #hacking #homebrew #piracy #r4

Companies: #japan #nintendo

Hackers have reported that they have already hacked the Nintendo 3DS to run pirated games within 24 hours of the Japanese product launch.

The hacks currently only allow the 3DS to run older DS games, which they do using the infamous R4 flashcart. New 3DS titles cannot be run using this hack.

While Nintendo has released the 3DS handheld in Japan now, it's not set to see a European release until March 25.

To get the pirated games working hackers apparently edited a 'whitelist file' built into the 3DS firmware which dictated what software and cartridges the 3DS could access. Each 3DS apparently requires users to edit the files themselves, manually.

The R4i group which claims responsibility for the hack has pre-empted any comment that Nintendo might be expected to make, warning would-be pirates that it expects Nintendo to issue a new firmware block soon that would stop R4 cards from working on the 3DS again.

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