E3: Nintendo reveals Wii U controllers

Written by Joe Martin

June 4, 2012 | 09:31

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In a video announcement released just before E3 2012 starts in LA, Nintendo has revealed new controllers for the upcoming Wii U console.

The first of the two reveals is an evolution of the already demonstrated Wii U GamePad, which features a touchscreen in the centre of the device.

The main tweak has been that the circle thumb pads have been upgraded to analogue sticks which allow more control, though handgrips and buttons have also been moved to make it more ergonomic.

Additionally, there's a new TV Control button which moves the main TV display to the GamePad's touchscreen and vice versa. A NFC reader has also been added, allowing the controller to scan cards and barcodes.

A second controller, which Nintendo calls the Wii U Pro Controller, has been unveiled too and suspiciously resembles Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller - albeit with a different thumbstick layout.

The Pro Controller lacks a touchscreen, obviously, as well as the NFC reader. It does feature in-built motion sensors, however.

Nintendo has confirmed that the Wiimote, Nunchuck and Balance Board peripherals can all be used with the Wii U as well.

Unveiled at E3 last year, Nintendo's Wii U has drawn attention from some unusual developers so far and, according to Nintendo, represents a return to hardcore gaming for the company.

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