Nintendo dismisses usefulness of 3D gaming

Written by Joe Martin

February 1, 2010 | 11:10

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Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has commented on the recent trend toward 3D gaming, claiming that doesn't think that the technology is going to be practical for home users.

Speaking to The Associated Press (via ShackNews, Iwata didn't seem that bothered about Apple's latest announcement, the iPad, either.

"It's just a bigger iPod Touch," said Iwata, who said that the device held "no surprises" for him.

Iwata didn't comment on current rumours that Nintendo's next DS gaming device will incorporate a motion sensor like those seen in the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, but Nintendo has previously denied the rumours very strongly.

"I question whether those features would be enough to get people to buy new machines," he said when asked about whether a motion-sensitive DS or HD-capable Wii would be coming in the future.

Speaking about the trend towards 3D gaming that's been sparked by the likes of Avatar and Nvidia's stereoscopic 3DVision system, Iwata said that he thought consumers would worry about looking silly - which seems an odd comment coming from the man behind the Wii.

"I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home," Iwata said while welcoming 3D theatrical experiences like Avatar. "How is that going to look to other people?"

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