Nintendo reveals six DSiWare launch titles

Written by Joe Martin

April 3, 2009 | 11:07

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Nintendo has finally confirmed that it will have six titles available for the DSi Store initially, with further updates and new releases to follow in the future. The DSi handheld platform is an upgraded version of the original DS and DS Lite and goes on sale across Europe today, while America will get it in a few days. Japan has had the console since last November.

The new DSi comes with some extra features over the DS Lite, such as new firmware, two cameras, an SD card slot and an online store - but you can find more details on the console in our DSi review.

At launch the DSi will have just six titles available for American and European players, though it will come with 1000 Nintendo Points in the box, worth about $10 USD or £6 GBP. Just as with the Nintendo Wii, players can use their credit cards to buy more points directly from Nintendo if they run out.

Nintendo will also be offering the DSi Internet Browser, which was originally a retail product and which is based on Opera, as a free download for everyone with a DSi.

The remaining releases include WarioWare: Snapped, Brain Age Express: Math, Bird and Beans, Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face and Art Style: Aquia. Most of them are the usual selection of brain training and camera-orientated mini-games, while Acquia is an underwater puzzle game.

The concept of entertainment is clearly expanding to enable self-expression and creation in ways never before possible,” sais Nintendo of America's Sales and Marketing EVP Cammie Dunaway in a press statement.

Nintendo DSi is loaded with software to help people do exactly that. It’s not just about the cameras or audio playback, but what people can do with these features that makes Nintendo DSi such an enjoyable game system.

Are you planning to pick up a DSi, or are you happy with the your DS Lite or PSP? Let us know in the forums.
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