Warren Spector details Epic Mickey

Written by Joe Martin

October 6, 2009 | 11:10

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Warren Spector, the highly regarded designer of Deus Ex and Ultima fame, has finally spoken out about what his team has been working on since it was bought by Disney in 2007.

Dubbed 'Epic Mickey' internally, the project has been the subject of much speculation since concept art and rumours that it was a Castle of Illusion remake first started to surface earlier this year.

Now, according to a feature in the upcoming US issue of GameInformer, Spector has finally confirmed that 'Epic Mickey' is indeed a Wii-exclusive platformer starring Mickey Mouse - one which is firmly grounded in Spector's love of the character and which tries to take Disney in a slightly new direction.

The game apparently casts players as Mickey Mouse, who has been dethroned as the King of Disneyland by an army of lesser-known characters who set about remaking the kingdom to their likeness. Mickey then sets out to reclaim his place, using what seems to be a magic paintbrush that lets you erase and redraw portions of the level.

The game also appears to be keeping with the unusual art direction seen in the earlier concept art, with plenty of steampunk creations and darker imagery than you might expect.

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