Nintendo leading software sales, beats Microsoft

Written by Joe Martin

October 31, 2007 | 12:48

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It seems almost every other week there's some new sales figures announced and a new company is announced as the winner of the console wars. This week is no different.

According to iSuppli, an analyst group which checks software sales, there are some semi-interesting new figures out. iSuppli (via Gamasutra) has now added up all the software sales revenue figures for this quarter.

Nintendo is the clear winner according to iSuppli. It beat out the nearest competitor by about $200 million, bagging a cool $1.2 billion in revenue. Sony apparently fell into second place, with Microsoft trailing in third place, oddly.

iSuppli speculated on the reason behind Sony's inability to seize first place, attributing it to drooping PlayStation 2 game sales and a lack of handheld platforms. Microsoft has been noted for a high software-attach rate, but is still struggling to make an impact in some markets, such as Japan.

Nintendo meanwhile received praises for its diversity and success in both casual and hardcore markets across home and handheld platforms. Lets face it - the Wii and DS are practically printing money at the moment thanks to fantastic games like The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass.

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