The Revolution will not be televised (in HD)

Written by Wil Harris

June 27, 2005 | 08:10

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A new website has been started to try and convince Nintendo to include support for High Definition video in their next console, the Revolution.

1080up (a funky naming combo of 1080 - the vertical resolution of HD content - and 1up - the extra lives system Nintendo pioneered) aims to bring together people who might be able to influence Nintendo.

Why should Nintendo support HDTV in the Revolution? The 1080 boys:

"We feel that Nintendo has been the great innovator in the gaming industry for many years; and they do have a solid history of competing on a technological level as well. We don't see any reason why they should abandon one or the other. Many gamers out there bought their first HDTV because of gaming this generation supported by the Xbox and PlayStation 2 and many more will make that decision during the next generation as HDTV prices are continually falling. Should the Revolution not support HD resolutions, the Revolution is going to be behind the technological curve by years when compared to the competition. We want to be able to enjoy Nintendo's library in high-definition. Shouldn't we all? Right now Nintendo isn't leaving it to the developers to decide whether or not to implement these HD resolutions, it should be their choice. We don't think it's wise for Sony or Microsoft to be forcing the HD on developers either, it should remain optional, just like it has been for this generation."

Fair enough then. Zelda in HD, it has to be admitted, would be pretty sweeeeet, although the thought of a 42" Pikachu is enough to make me want to reconsider that.

To be honest, Revolution looks totally behind the technological curve anyway. Ninty has all but accepted that its consoles are going to become increasingly niche, especially in the western world. Gamecube has had nothing bar decent first-party titles for years now. Nintendo consoles are something to play Nintendo games on: for everything else, the PS3 and Xbox 360 will offer far better gaming options, especially when the hardware inside performs as similarly as it appears to. Who will bother creating a gorgeous HD engine for PS3, 360 and PC, then cut the quality down for Revolution?

What remains to be seen is how long Nintendo can continue to be the only ones really supporting their platform. I believe that they will end up going the way of Sega - accepting that their strength is games, not consoles, and taking those games to the best hardware platforms around.

Having said that, if Revolution absolutely rockets, I'm prepared to eat my Donkey Konga Bongos.

(Snippet: Revolution in March? No, we don't think so either.)

(Oh, and... for those of you with a deficiency of culture, The revolution will note be televised.)

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