No More Heroes 2 to have two UK versions

Written by Joe Martin

October 10, 2008 | 11:50

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Grasshopper Manufacture has confirmed that the sequel to last year's slash 'em up No More Heroes will be getting two different UK releases to help please fans who want an extra-gory version.

The original version of No More Heroes was an extra-gory and in-your-face game that had buckets of blood, harsh language and men on toilets - though a lot of this was toned down for the UK version after pressure from the BBFC about the needless violence. Suda 51 is now hoping that by offering two versions of the game the sequel will be able to keep all the fans happy.

"We won't be able to make the same game for all territories," Suda 51 said in interview with Eurogamer at the Tokyo Game Show. "For Europe, we're going to release two versions. One extreme version, and one with less violence."

The sequel, called No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, doesn't look to be toning down the full-on presentation either. There'll still be lots of dismemberment and toilets.

"The last time I did a European press tour, everyone asked me this," the eccentric creator said. "With No More Heroes 2 we want to please the fans too. I want the European users to be able to experience the extreme version."

The original No More Heroes scored 8/10 in our full review, though we still think it's a good game for any Wii gamer who wants something a bit more serious than Wii Play.

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