Oblivion gets one more piece of DLC

Written by Joe Martin

October 11, 2007 | 12:34

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Oblivion is still king of the RPG genre to many and there of those of us in the office who still continue to invest hour upon hour in the virtual world of Tamriel. If you're like us then and have come close to exploring every single nook, cranny and community-made quest, then you'll be pleased to know that Bethesda is making on final piece of downloadable content available for the game soon.

Titled Fighter's Stronghold, the new pack will be available over Xbox Live for 360 owners and on the Internet for PC gamers, and will go on sale on October 15th. It'll also be free for a week so that all gamers will have a chance to test it out and see if it's actually worth the cash or just a needless expense, like Horse Armour was.

The content itself will provide a series of new quests and a castle for players to take control of. The pack is obviously aimed at fighter characters, but is open to everyone.

The castle itself will include a new combat trainer, a taxidermist to make trophies for you and even a vintner who will create special wines in your honour.

Unfortunately, the pack won't be available on the PlayStation 3 version any time soon. Bethesda insists that it is "close, very close to working something out to bring Shivering Isles to PS3 owners", but Shivering Isles is sooo yesterday by now and has been open to PC and 360 owners for a while now.

So, will you be picking up a copy of the new pack or has Oblivion been sitting un-played on your desktop for a while now? Let us know what you think of the downloadable packs and the game itself in the forums.
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