Orange Box goes gold

Written by Joe Martin

September 28, 2007 | 10:52

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Valve has now officially confirmed that The Orange Box, containing Half-Life: Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2, has reached gold stage.

If you aren't down with all the cool geek slang then allow us to explain. There are three primary stages for a computer game to progress through in development. Alpha is the first stage and means the game is till very rough and under construction, Beta means most content is finalised and the game is undergoing testing and Gold means the game is finished and is now being manufactured.

And now The Orange Box, another game claiming to be the years most anticipated title, has gone gold and is shipping to factories so that the discs can be made.

The Orange Box will contain three games developed by Valve. Half-Life: Episode 2 will continue the story of Gordon Freeman as he fights to unite and free the world from The Combine. The second game, Portal will feature an un-named, female protagonist who must escape from a high-tech lab in the Half-Life universe. The third game, Team Fortress 2 will be a cel-shaded multiplayer sequel to the acclaimed Team Fortress game.

The PC and Xbox 360 versions of the pack will be available on October 10th, while the PlayStation 3 version will ship a few weeks later because of delays on that platform.

The game pack will be available on Steam, as well as in retail stores. How will you be buying yours? Let us know in the forums.
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