Orange Box Soundtrack released

Written by Joe Martin

December 24, 2007 | 11:48

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One of the highlights of the year for us was playing through Portal, having our minds throughly warped and perplexed by the science-defying gameplay and hilarious narrative. One of the best bits was the soundtrack to the game - especially the final song sung by GlaDOS over the game credits.

Now, that tune can be yours!

Valve has just released the official soundtrack to The Orange Box on the Steam Store. The tracklist includes two versions of Still Alive, one sung by Ellen McLain and the other sung by Johnathon Coulton, the original songwriter.

Also on the CD is partial soundtracks from Episode One and Episode Two, just so you can get a fix of haunting melodies and contrasting techno beats.

If your tastes are a little more traditional and patriotic though, don't worry - there's a smattering of Team Fortress 2 on the CD too, which I imagine would make a fantastic alternate soundtrack to The Great Escape this Christmas.

The soundtrack is on sale now for just $9.95, which will work out to be around £10 when you factor in shipping and all that lark. For more details and purchasing information you can check the Steam store.

Are computer game soundtracks appreciable on the their own, or are they only ever any good when you've got the game playing as well? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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