American McGee's Alice sequel confirmed

Written by Joe Martin

February 20, 2009 | 08:53

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Electronic Arts has delighted gamers this morning (especially Harry and I) by confirming a sequel to American McGee's twisted third-person adventure, Alice.

Released back in 2000 on the PC, American' McGee's Alice (to give it the full, somewhat egotistical name) was a dark and gothic retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story. The game cast players as the leading lady, now a somewhat unbalanced young girl who uses Wonderland as a way to deal with her own personal traumas. Wonderland itself had become a dark and twisted world and it was Alice's job to set it right again, saving her sanity in the process.

According to an announcement from Electronic Arts the game is now getting a long overdue sequel, titled The Return of American McGee's Alice. The game will be released on the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 - though EA warns that the game has only just entered pre-production and therefore won't be done for some time yet.

"This new project is a dream come true for me and the fans who've kept the Alice flame alive," said American McGee in a press release. "EA gave us creative latitude and support on the original game which resulted in something beautiful and daring. This trip through the looking glass promises to be even more exciting."

Beautiful and daring is right - the game boasted some of the best level design we've ever seen and that opening segment where the room you're in rips apart around you stands in our minds as a landmark on the landscape of gaming.

Now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that Sarah Michelle Gellar's film adaptation of the title will still find a way to get to cinemas. Until then you can pass on your thoughts in the forums.
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