Atari calls D&D lawsuit frivolous

Written by Joe Martin

September 4, 2009 | 12:50

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Atari has issued a formal response to Turbine, criticising the developer for filing a "frivolous" lawsuit against the publisher over Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Turbine filed the $30 million USD lawsuit last week, alleging that Atari was trying to break from their agreement under false pretences purely so the company could launch a new MMO. While the new MMO has been named it's rumoured to be Neverwinter Nights Online, being developed by Cryptic Studios.

"Last week, with no warning, Turbine filed what can only be viewed as a frivolous lawsuit against Atari. This action can ultimately do a great disservice to D&D fans and to the MMO community at large," Atari said in a statement to the press this morning.

"Turbine's actions also appear intended to divert attention from the contractual obligations that Turbine owes to Atari. In response, today Atari served a motion to dismiss the entirety of Turbine’s lawsuit. Atari also filed a separate complaint to recover monies owed to Atari resulting from an independent third party audit of Turbine."

"While Atari hopes for a quick and fair resolution, it remains fully committed to the D&D communities worldwide and will vigorously protect the franchise and its own integrity in this matter."

None of this seems to be affect D&D Online all that much however - the game is due for an update and raised level cap on the September 9th. Let us know what you think of the game in the forums.
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