Atari launches new affiliate program

Written by Joe Martin

September 24, 2010 | 14:45

Tags: #classic #microtransactions

Companies: #atari #facebook

Social networking sites such as Facebook will play host to hundreds of old Atari games that are to be reinvented under the newly launched Atari GO label.

Atari GO have also welcomed websites that already host unofficial emulations of Atari oldies, inviting them to become affiliates. This allows the company to have legitimate access to authentic versions of Atari games, providing they share any profits made from them.

For people who are keen on re-imagining Atari games for modern audiences on social networks, Atari GO also offers a developer program. The companies portfolio of over 1000 games is considered fair game.

Games featured that are available on Atari GO include Faeries vs. Darklings, Dark Orbit, Tempest, along with Centipede and Seafight. Asteroids Online is 'coming soon'.

Atari hopes to profit from the venture via microtransactions and hints that there's scope create bite-sized experiences that tie-in with the core publisher portfolio, with games like Test Drive Unlimited 2 mentioned as an example.

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