Battlefield Heroes to re-enter beta

Written by Joe Martin

January 23, 2009 | 13:48

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Electronic Arts has announced that the often rumouredly-cancelled Battlefield Heroes game is still alive and, in fact, readying for another surge of beta testing and development.

According to RockPaperShotgun the sign-up process for beta testers has been re-enabled and the site will soon be ready for another burst of activity after having a few months of tweaks and fixes from the development team.

Based on the popular Battlefield series created by Dice, Battlefield Heroes goes in a risky new direction that has had mixed reactions from regular gamers. While the usual Battlefield games have been multiplayer-focused and at least semi-realistic military shooters, Heroes is something entirely new.

Aimed more at casual gamers, or those with lower-end systems, the PC-exclusive title will run online only through a dedicated browser, but will be totally free to play. Instead of generating money from sales, Electronic Arts is hoping to finance the game through optional microtransactions, though Dice has promised that no saleable items will give players any in-game benefit. Players will mostly be able to buy new wardrobes and character models.

Still with a strong focus on teamwork and with plenty of usable vehicles in the game, the gameplay is fundamentally similar to previous Battlefield games, but scaled down and made a bit more user-friendly.

Is Battlefield Heroes sounding like your cup of tea then, or are you happier with a touch of Counterstrike? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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