Bethesda's Windows beta for its multiplayer nuke-'em-up Fallout 76 is off to a rocky start, with users reporting issues with the near-50GB game deleting itself.

The first native multiplayer game in the Fallout universe since Fallout Tactics, and doubtless inspired by the cancelled Fallout Online to which Bethesda acquired the rights in 2012, Fallout 76 takes the franchises switch from role-playing game to shooter to the next level: Players are dropped in a world with zero human non-player characters (NPCs) and given the ability to cooperate with or attack fellow players, up to and including finding and launching nuclear missiles.

Due to launch on November 14th for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Fallout 76 has opened up a beta programme - dubbed B.E.T.A., for Break it Early Test Application - but early adopters are finding the process troublesome.

In a series of messages posted to the official Fallout Twitter account, Bethesda confirmed reports that users were finding that the launcher for the game was deleting the title from their storage devices - giving them no choice but to re-download the entire game again, which at around 50GB and with speeds throttled to below 1Mb/s is no quick process.

While Bethesda initially warned that the flaw appeared to be the result of pressing buttons in the game client, additional reports claim that simply launching the game is enough to trigger the bug. The company's investigations, meanwhile, continue, with the company's latest statement confirming it has yet to get to the bottom of the issue.

In compensation, Bethesda has announced that it is extending the beta test with a new window opening this Thursday. With the game only two weeks away from launch, though, such a serious bug is likely to raise eyebrows among the company's users.

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