Bethesda to snatch Fallout MMO rights back?

Written by Joe Martin

April 16, 2009 | 10:50

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Bethesda, which originally bought the rights to the entire Fallout franchise from Interplay, was quite benevolent when it came into control of the classic series. Namely, Bethesda licensed the rights to a Fallout MMO game back to the original publisher as the Bethesda team had no desire to make an MMO at that time.

Recently though the tide seems to have turned and Bethesda may be about to reclaim the rights to the Fallout MMO from Interplay after suspecting a breach of the licensing contract.

The rights to the Fallout MMO were licensed to Interplay under very specific conditions it seems - namely that the team must have fully entered development and secured funding by the start of April this year. Interplay has apparently managed to do neither of those and now Bethesda may be getting ready to revoke the license.

The news apparently comes from a 10-K financial report filed earlier today, via Edgar Online. While Bethesda apparently says in the report that it is seriously considering ""[terminating] the trademark license agreement", the action has not yet been made official.

The filing does raise the question though if whether Bethesda is so eager to get the rights back out of an interest in making a [i]Fallout MMO
of it's own, or whether they just want to license the rights out elsewhere.

Who would you prefer to see a Fallout MMO come from, or do you just not want one at all? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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