DICE announces Battlefield 4 netcode, balance fixes

June 30, 2014 | 10:18

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Electronic Arts' DICE studio has announced continued improvements to Battlefield 4, even as the company prepares to launch its cops-and-robbers-themed successor Battlefield Hardline.

The launch of Battlefield 4, the latest title in EA's military-themed first-person shooter franchise, did not go smoothly: numerous bugs led DICE to cease work on all other projects until they could be addressed and even resulted in a lawsuit from investors who believed they had been misled as to the quality and robustness of the title ahead of its launch. In March, DICE claimed that fixing the multiplayer network code bugs was one of the studio's top priorities, and now it's announced the progress it has made on that front.

In an official blog post, associate producer David Sirland stated that fixes released this month have improved various multiplayer issues including the feeling of being impossibly killed when behind cover or before a damage indicator appears. The work is far from complete, however, with more releases due to launch over the coming months - an embarrassingly long time since the original release of the game.

The company has also announced the Core Gameplay Initiative, in which it will make modifications to various in-game variables to better balance the title. The first area of focus is the newly-released Dragon's Teeth expansion pack, which added a Ballistics Shield players had noted was significantly overpowered. The modifications now make it impossible to one-hit kill with the shield, and solve a flaw that made a shield-bearer invulnerable to AP rounds from tanks. The company has also confirmed impending changes for the Rush game mode on Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311 and Operation Locker maps.

Sirland has also promised future improvements to weapon balancing, head-flinch dampening, vehicle tuning, HUD improvements, and yet more bug fixes. He has also encouraged gamers to sign up to the Community Test Environment in order to get the latest fixes before general release and to influence future modifications made to the game. 'We’ve tested tons of things in the CTE, ranging from general gameplay tweaks to bug fixes. Many hours have been spent by the team watching live streamed gameplay, analysing telemetry data, and of course, interacting with the players on the forums,' claimed Sirland. 'It’s been a tremendous help to the team and we thank all those participating.'
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