Call of Duty: Warzone adds 200 player mode

Written by Jennifer Allen

June 30, 2020 | 15:00

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A significant new update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone has been released, and it's adding a 200-player mode.

Yes, 200 players. Predictably, it seems like it's going to be frantic stuff. A time-limited mode, it has 50 teams of four dropping Verdansk and doing all they can to not be swiftly annihilated. The mode adds an extra 50 players on top of the usual maximum and we suspect that's going to make quite a big difference if you're not very good at surviving for long in Battle Royale style games. 

Elsewhere as part of the update, there's a new map for Modern Warfare players in the form of Cheshire Park. The name might sound pleasant and relaxing, but the press release describes it as allowing you to "take to the townhomes for long sightlines, the stores to capture objectives through intense CQB battles, or take to the side streets to take some shortcuts," so basically, a typical trip around Tesco during the pandemic then. 

There's also the return of a familiar mode - Team Defender. It involves one player holding a flag for as long as possible while the rest of their team try to defend them from, well, death and the loss of the flag.

Fancy something new in Warzone? There's also Juggernaut Royale whereby players rush to claim the overpowered Juggernaut suit that's airdropped mid-match. The suit offers a powerful mini-gun, zero fall damage, and numerous other bonuses that means it's a huge game changer if you manage to snag it. 

Warzone also includes a new piece of gear in the form of the Spotter Scope which allows players to scan the environment and mark enemies without being detected - something that's sure to be useful when surrounded by enemies. It doesn't give off a glint either so you can genuinely be stealthy and cautious with it. Again, when up against hundreds of other enemies, it seems like a smart move to us. There's also a new weapon - the Rytec AMR - a semi-automatic rifle. 

Elsewhere, there are other tweaks like the Grau gun being nerfed, so its damage range is reduced with a slightly increased recoil.

Keen on seeing all the updates for yourself? Plan ahead as the patch is between 22-30GB if you only have Warzone installed or 22-36GB if you also have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare installed. 

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