CES 2011: Razer unveils ultra-compact gaming PC concept

Written by Joe Martin

January 7, 2011 | 09:43

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CES 2011: Razer's second announcement at CES, following the reveal of the new Hydra motion controller, was the unveiling of a portable gaming PC concept, the Switchblade.

While you can check out a comically cheesy video below, the short of it is that the Switchblade is an ultra-compact Intel Atom PC with both a touchscreen display and a second display beneath a transparent keyboard.

This allows the Switchblade to customise the keyboard display instantly, without resorting to the expensive AMOLED keys of the long suffering Optimus keyboards. The result is undeniably nifty, but Razer's representatives at the show wouldn't be comment on precise hardware specs and stressed that this was still a proof of concept, rather than a definite release.

The big issue we see with the concept though is the lack of graphics power that Intel Atom processors can wield, and whether Razer can leverage enough hardware into the diminutive Switchblade to deliver a quality gaming experience.

Would the Switchblade interest you if it made it out of the prototype stage? Let us know in the forums.

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