Civ coming to Facebook

Written by Joe Martin

October 22, 2009 | 13:03

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Sid Meier has announced that he'll soon be bringing his classic Civilisation series to Facebook as part of a new game, called Civilisation Network or CivNet.

According to, Meier confirmed that CivNet would be hitting Facebook sometime in 2010 - and that the development team will be on the lookout for beta testers at some point in the future.

It'll still be the same-old Civilisation that fans have loved for decades, says Meier, who also plans to capitalise on the strengths of a social netowrking site to make a truly persistent, online version of the game.

CivNet will be completely free too, just in case you were worried of having to dish out in order to feed your Civ addiction - though microtransactions haven't been ruled out yet.

It's not surprising that major developers are starting to get interested in Facebook games either, what with the news breaking recently that freemium games on Facebook can make as much as $20 per user. The turn-based strategy mechanics of Civ would be ideally suited to a flash-powered game version too.

You can check out CivNet's Facebook page for more info about the game, or just let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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