Dragon Age III confirmed

Written by David Hing

September 18, 2012 | 07:49

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The next instalment of BioWare's Dragon Age franchise has been announced alongside a call for more feedback on the previous titles.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition is being developed by a mixture of BioWare veterans who have worked on previous titles in the series as well as developers new to the studio and will be built on a revised engine that aims to deliver a more expansive world.

Using the Frostbite 2 engine as a foundation, Inquisition will allow more customisation, stronger visuals and promises more impact from player-driven choices. BioWare has been working on the title for approximately two years already.

Executive producer Mark Darrah officially announced the title and assured fans of the series that the studio was actively taking into consideration feedback and criticism from the previous two Dragon Age games.

'We've visited message boards, read reviews, and we've gone to events to have direct face to face conversations with some of our most passionate fans. We've been listening and we will continue to listen,' said Darrah.

The existence of the third Dragon Age game was mooted at PAX East back in April when BioWare discussed what the title might hypothetically contain, discussing some of the armour and companion customisation details during a panel discussion.

Although no plot details have been confirmed, a leak from last month suggested that the third game will take place on the civil war beset continent of Orlias and will focus on religious organisation The Chantry with the player being a member of the Inquisition. The announced title appears to confirm at least part of this leak.

'A lot of information and rumours have surfaced recently and we don't want to hide from them,' added Darrah, referencing the leaks. 'There are a bunch of things that I really want to share with you but I want to do this right and doing it right requires some more time.'

Dragon Age Origins was released in 2009 and was intended as a spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate series. Although Origins was met with a strong critical reception, the sequel, released in 2011, fared less well and was criticised for a more simplified combat system and a less focused storyline.
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