Dragon Age: Origins DLC announced

Written by Joe Martin

November 20, 2009 | 12:01

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Bioware and Electronic Arts have revealed the first batch of post-release downloadable content for epic RPG Dragon Age: Origins, dubbed Return to Ostagar.

Set for release this Christmas season, Return to Ostagar will cost £3.99 GBP for the PlayStation 3, 400 MS Points on the Xbox 360 (roughly £3.40 GBP) and 400 Bioware Points on the PC, where it'll be bought through the in-game system tracking system. EA hasn't yet clarified how much 400 Bioware points equates to in actual cash, but it's presumed to be similar to the console prices.

Return to Ostagar offers players a chance to explore the area where the original Grey Wardens were almost wiped out, as well as uncover part of a King Calian's history and his war efforts.

As well as new areas and quests, Return to Ostagar will include entirely new loot too, with the centrepiece being King Calian's armour and weapons.

To claim any of the prizes that await you'll have to contend with plentiful Darkspawn though, who are apparently rife in the snow-covered stretches of Ostagar. On the plus side, you will also get a second chance to add a war dog to your party of adventurers.

Bioware has claimed that it will provide at least two years of downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, which was released just a few short weeks ago.

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