Duke Nukem Forever confirmed for 2011

Written by Joe Martin

September 3, 2010 | 19:38

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2K Games has, at the Penny Arcade Expo, confirmed that Duke Nukem Forever will see a 2011 release.

First publicly announced in 1997 (and in development even before then), Duke Nukem Forever has long been a subject of controversy and mockery for computer gamers, who have seen endure many design overhauls and engine changes over the years. After the collapse of 3D Realms, the future looked especially bleak - even despite assurances otherwise.

Now though, publisher 2K Games has confirmed that the project is still alive and that DNF will definitely be released in 2011, with Borderlands and Half-Life: Opposing Force developer Gearbox picking up where 3D Realms left off.

"Clearly the game hadn't been finished at 3D Realms but a lot of content had been created," Gearbox's Randy Pitchford told the Wall Street Journal. "The approach and investment and process at 3D Realms didn't quite make it and it cracked at the end. With Gearbox Software we brought all those pieces together. It's the game it was meant to be."

"We're in the polishing phase now. This is a game where we can not make a promise we can not fulfill. We need to get past the shock and awe and then we can go to all the retailers and first parties and work out a launch plan."

Duke Nukem Forever is confirmed to have singleplayer and multiplayer. It's said to be playable in some form or another at PAX, but the only confirmed platform we can find is Xbox 360 at the moment.

Gearbox has also been linked to a spin-off project, Duke Begins.

Reports about the story indicate the Duke will both kick ass and chew bubblegum.

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