Dyack: "Cloud gaming is a win for everyone"

Written by Joe Martin

December 17, 2009 | 11:59

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Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has spoken out on his belief that cloud-based computing is an ideal business model for the games industry, eliminating nearly all of the problems which plague publishers and developers at the moment.

Cloud-based computing is basically a method of processing data in a central hub or cloud and then streaming only the outputs to the consumer, while channelling inputs back to the cloud and running the cycle over.

"In some ways it's the absolute elimination of any hardware as far as the consumer is concerned, because the hardware is the cloud," said Dyack in an interview with GI.biz.

"It helps on so many levels because it resolves the piracy issue, which is a massive problem today, and the used games issue, because you buy something and it's yours forever – it resides on the cloud. These are wins for the consumers and wins for the game developers."

Dyack has long been an advocate of creating a single platform for gaming to help make things easier for developers and touched on how a cloud-gaming system would be one way to achieve that.

"People confuse a one console future as a monopoly and that's completely wrong. The idea is it would be an open standardised format where anyone could manufacture. If a grandmother goes into a store and wants a specific game for her grandson, she has to figure out the console, the ratings system, and all these barriers that have been artificially created.

"People think that's normal because that's all we've ever had. This is a win for everyone."

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