E3: Gaikai to work through Samsung TVs

Written by Joe Martin

June 5, 2012 | 19:21

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Samsung and Gaikai have announced a new deal at E3 2012 which will see the cloud gaming service to become accessible through Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung Cloud Gaming, as the companies have chosen to rebrand it, will go into beta throughout the United States soon according to Gaikai founder Dave Perry.

Cloud gaming, if you're not familiar, works by running games in server farms and then streaming data between the player and the servers. Controls go one way, are fed into the games, the output is recorded and then sent back as video.

"Samsung is the largest TV manufacturer in the world and Gaikai is the industry-recognised fastest cloud-based streaming service for video games," said Dave Perry.

"Together, we will turn Samsung Smart TVs into a console-like experience capable of delivering the best-selling video games and other content instantly to consumers - no downloads, no extra hardware, no trips to the store."

No specific games have been announced for the service, though initial images released by the companies show Limbo, The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings and Darksiders 2 as possible titles.

Games will launch via the Samsung Smart Hub, which is included with compatible TVs - Samsung's 7000 series and up.

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