E3: IO Interactive apologise for Hitman trailer

Written by Joe Martin

June 7, 2012 | 10:31

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IO Interactive's Tore Blystad has publicly apologised for the recent Hitman: Absolution trailer, which provoked accusations of sexism and misogyny across the industry.

Debuting at E3 2012 earlier this week, the 'Attack of the Saints' trailer featured Agent 47 battling latex-wearing nuns and, according to IO, was based on an actual level from the game.

We’re sorry that we offended people,” Blystad told IGN. "That wasn't the intention of the trailer."

Of course we understand, this has been a very big topic for us and we’ve been reading as much as we could of the articles and responses. We were surprised that it turned into such a huge topic... We just wanted to make something cool, it wasn’t the intention to stir up anything.

Blystad defended the stylisation of the trailer, specifically referring to the latex outfits and religious content, by saying the Hitman series has always been littered with religious imagery and has always been considered extreme.

The religious themes have been there from the very beginning, along with outlandish party scenes...The grindhouse theme is something that we’re using throughout the game. It tends more towards sixties exploitation movies – these were a fascination [for us] because they were so extreme.

Personally, we think it's a pretty flimsy defence which fails to address the biggest issue of all - that the outfits in question have absolutely no purpose within the trailer other than to shock audiences.

Check out the trailer below, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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