EA Sports to abandon physical media on PC

Written by Joe Martin

May 1, 2009 | 12:44

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Electronic Arts' Peter Moore has confirmed that he will be leading the EA Sports label away from physical media and conventional distribution methods on the PC platform in the future.

Speaking to VG247 in a multi-part interview, Moore said that he felt the future of PC gaming is going to be online and heavily reliant on digital distribution and that he is keen to see that EA Sports isn't left behind.

So, all well and good - but it also seems that Moore may make the payment model for EA Sports games on the PC more reliant on microtransactions, rather than standard business models.

"You’re going to see us take a lot of our learnings from what we’re doing with our games in Asia, where I’ll give you the game for free, or a certain level for free,” said Moore (via RockPaperShotgun).

The interview doesn't offer any hard facts or dates, but it does indicate a definite intent - an intent that begs a lot of questions, like 'Why not put EA Sports games on Steam?' and 'Won't you alienate the more casual gamer who may not know how to access games online if you abandon boxed products?'.

Do you think you have answers to those questions? Let us know your thoughts in the forums and tell us whether you think EA's move is a good or bad idea.
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