Eidos Montreal confirms Thief 4

Written by Joe Martin

May 12, 2009 | 12:17

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Eidos Montreal boss Stéphane D'Astous has finally confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in modern gaming; that the studio is currently working on a fourth game in the influential Thief series.

Originally developed by the legendary Looking Glass Studios, Thief is often held up as the grandfather of the stealth genre and won critical acclaim when the first game was released in 1998. A sequel was later released that cemented the legacy and while the third game wasn't quite as popular, owing mainly to the collapse of Looking Glass Studios, it was still a damn good game.

"[Thief] shook the ground a decade ago, and we're trying our best to bring it to market and break new ground," D'Astous told IncGamers yesterday.

The fact that Eidos has been working on a new Thief game isn't exactly a surprise as the team had heavily hinted at the project previously, but this is the first time official confirmation has been given.

Interestingly though, this won't be the first time that a fourth Thief game has gone into development. A previous attempt to restart the franchise was set to bring Garrett into a more modern setting and was rumoured to use a presentation that would have been very close to Mirror's Edge, but years before it. Unfortunately though, the project never really got off the ground and Eidos will neither confirm nor deny that it will be giving the series the modern treatment this time around.

"The setting, the character, the story, the features - anything related to the actual content of the game, we cannot discuss for now," said D'Astous. "What I can say is that people are going to be very happily surprised and impressed. I think that we've put our finger on a number of things. Innovation and originality will be important, and I think it's going to serve this great franchise very well."

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