Eidos soon to reveal Thief 4?

Written by Joe Martin

April 15, 2009 | 12:09

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Rumours are once again surfacing that Eidos is about to unveil its secret project in development at the Montreal studio as Thief 4.

The rumours were this time sparked off by some teaser text on the the Eidos Montreal site that claimed that the studio's second project (the first being Deus Ex 3) is soon to be revealed. Nothing particularly telling about that mind, but the phrase was written in the official Thief font.

Eidos hasn't yet confirmed or denied that the secret project will be Thief 4, but an Eidos Montreal job posting from this time last year did hint that a successful applicant would be set to work on an old Eidos franchise that began with a 'T'. That in itself narrowed the choice down to either Terracide or Thief.

If the rumours are correct then it won't be the first time that a fourth Thief game has secretly started development - a previous attempt at a modern remake failed to get off the ground a few years ago and was apparently very similar to Mirror's Edge, though DICE hadn't then started worth on that game.

While it's unclear whether Eidos Montreal will also attempt to give the Thief series a modern remake, it does seem likely given the dramatic ending to Thief: Deadly Shadows.

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