Epic reveals a strong year for the Epic Games Store

Written by Jennifer Allen

January 15, 2020 | 15:00

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Epic Games has released an infographic to show off how much its Games Store has succeeded in 2019 and it turns out the firm has a point.

Treated with plenty of suspicion and garnering more than a sniff of controversy, the Epic Games Store has still had a fairly promising year. It brought in $681 million in 2019 which might not be anywhere near as impressive as something like Steam, but is quite the accomplishment given you don't have to look far to find gamers adamant they're boycotting the service. 

The outlet boasts 108 million customers with its sales figures no doubt boosted by the $251 million was spent by players on third-party PC games in the store. Not bad at all for a firm that spent 2019 dishing out 73 free games to encourage new users. It's fairly clear that many of those users stuck around and ended up buying a few games along the way. 

During December 2019, the Epic Games Store's most active player ship came from the US with just over 17 percent of its users located there. The UK came in 8th on the figures with just over 3% of the Epic Games Store's active players coming from here. 

The most popular games were a varied bunch including Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, The Outer Worlds, Control, The Divison 2 and everyone's favourite (and, surely, only) goose based stealth game - Untitled Goose Game.

Epic is seemingly keen to build upon its existing success too. It's extending its free game promotion throughout 2020. Every week, a new PC game will be available for free with that title available in your games library forever once you claim it. The current free Epic Store game is Metroidvania style horror game, Sundered, with tomorrow (January 16th) change over day to a different title. This time round, it's Horace, a rather charming platformer that's received some great reviews. 

It's more than a little tiring keeping up with different distribution services, but while there are freebies to easily acquire, it'd be a bit daft not to dive in and take advantage. 

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