Gears of War PC problems fixed

Written by Joe Martin

February 9, 2009 | 11:34

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Epic has released a new patch which should fix all of the certification problems which had been plaguing the PC version of Gears of War, according to a quick announcement on Microsoft's official game page.

The certification problem itself began a while back when anyone who attempted to play Gears of War PC was confronted with a message that said the digital certificate for the game has expired, making the game unplayable.

Epic didn't seem all that quick to solve the problem at first and players instead had to resort to altering their system clocks to a time before the certificate expired, which obviously wasn't an ideal situation.

Now though Epic has released a patch for the game - technically a mandatory update - that players can grab to solve this particular problem. Once applied, the update should allow access as usual to the game, renewed certificate and all!

That said though - how many people are still playing Gears of War PC is worth considering. It's not as if the PC port of the game was particularly astounding - but you can check out full Gears of War PC review for details, compared to our Gears of War review on consoles.

Have you been affected by the expiration of the certificate, or do you just want to moan about Epic for other reasons? Either way, head to the forums and let us know your thoughts.
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