Half-Life 3 trademark registration vanishes

October 7, 2013 | 09:03

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A European trademark registration for Half-Life 3, taken as confirmation that Valve is planning to to release the long-awaited title Real Soon Now, has been removed from the register - which some are taking as evidence it was a fake all along.

The registration with the European Office for Harmonisation in the Internet Market was made on the 29th of September, and spotted earlier this month. More digging unveiled registration for Portal 3, suggesting that Valve was planning its launches for both titles - something fans, who have been clamouring for a continuation of the storyline, welcomed with unalloyed joy.

Sadly, there appears to be a hiccough: suspicions were raised as to the veracity of the application when it was noted that Valve has made no similar application in its home market, while the company - as is usual - remained entirely silent on the matter. Now, however, evidence suggests that the suspicions were true and the registration a forgery: the entries for both Half-Life 3 and Portal 3 have disappeared.

According to fan-blog Valve Time, the registrations were removed from the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union after being listed for little over a week - leading to the conclusion that the registration was a hoax sent live on the site without proper verification.

Before becoming too despondent, there may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon: late last week an internal project management database was leaked, as reported on PC Gamer, offering details on Valve staff and the projects they are currently contributing to - with several claiming to be working on Half-Life 3, and more on Left 4 Dead 3. None, however, are listed as working on Portal 3 - suggesting, again, that the trademark registrations were fakes.

Valve, as you might expect, has refused to comment at all stages.
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