id: Rage not coming out this year

Written by Joe Martin

March 10, 2009 | 13:34

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id Software's Todd Hollenshead has said that the developer's next game, Rage, will not be released in 2009 at all. A 2010 release is apparently much more likely.

Chatting in the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, company co-founder Todd Hollenshead confirmed that the rumours were true and that the game will flat-out "not be out this year".

Rage is looking to be an unusual move for the developer, which has previously nearly always made oppressively gothic-feeling games, like Quake and Doom. Rage will apparently be a much more open racing-shooter type of game set in a post-apocalyptic styled wasteland.

Rage was first unveiled back in 2007, but has taken a long time to develop owing to id Software's creation of a brand new engine for the game, dubbed id Tech 5.

While Hollenshead didn't give a reason for the delay, the speculation at the moment is that the developer may be having problems with the compression required to squeeze the game down onto two DVDs for the Xbox 360 version. That, or the team is trimming and redesigning areas of the game so that isn't an issue.

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