Indian firm buys half of Codemasters

Written by Joe Martin

April 6, 2010 | 11:10

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The last of the big UK publishers, Codemasters, is now half owned by Indian firm Reliance Big Entertainment after a buyout.

The deal will hopefully balance out Codemasters' precarious future and help "leapfrog" the publisher into a stronger global position compared to competitors.

"I think it leapfrogs us forward," Codemasters boss Rod Cousens told, "and where we've been this high-quality company in England, I think this really propels us on a global stage, and no one can doubt the financial resources behind this company now."

The deal will be overseen by Reliance Big's games division, Zapak Digital Entertainment, which Cousens hopes will integrate well with Codemasters.

"This was never the lead on the agenda - but titles like Dance Factory, as you look at Bollywood and the TV dance shows... If you then start to look at what we can do through Zapak - plus the Sensible titles we have, such as Cannon Fodder and Megalomania, for us it's just great," Cousens said.

Codemasters is now reportedly keen on exploring the social and mobile games market within India's "high-growth market", possibly with the aid of "outsourcing potential".

You can read more about the UK games industry as part of bit-tech's Made in the UK Week.

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