John Romero responds to id buyout

Written by Joe Martin

June 25, 2009 | 10:00

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id Software founder John Romero may have left the legendary developer to form Ion Storm in 1996, but he's still a synonymous with the Quake maker to a lot of people - so what did he think of the recent sale of id Software to Zenimax Media?

Well, according to Romero's twitter feed (via VG247) he's both shocked and disgusted by the fact that id Software is now owned wholly Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesa Softworks.

"ZENIMAX??????? Disgusting," tweeted Romero just after the sale was announced, following it up a few hours later with "Fallout 3 bought DOOM. Wow."

While Romero fell into disgrace after Daikatana he's still a hugely important and recognisable face in the games industry - one often credited as inventing the term 'deathmatch'. While Daikatana may have proven a total failure it's worth remembering that Ion Storm did have critical success with other titles, most notable Deus Ex and Anachronox.

Having apparently calmed down since his initial tweets, Romero has since posted once more to make his feelings on the sale a little more clear.

"I guess I was shocked and sad to see the id Software of old changed forever today. It's a new day and a new id," said Romero.

Zenimax Media and id Software have assured fans that the sale will not affect the studio massively and that id Software will remain pretty much the same.

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