Left 4 Dead 2 demo coming next month

Written by Joe Martin

September 23, 2009 | 11:53

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Valve has released a statement from the Tokyo Games Show, declaring that it hopes to have a demo of Left 4 Dead 2 available next month. No plans were officially announced regarding platforms, exclusivity or content - but the target date is October 27th.

While Valve hasn't confirmed if the demo will be open to everyone or not, the suspicion is that the demo will only be made available to those who have already pre-ordered the game. Valve had previously announced such an idea and did the same with Left 4 Dead.

Either way though, the demo looks set to give fans a go with the game well ahead of the official November 17th release date.

As if that wasn't enough, Valve has also confirmed that the new pack of Left 4 Dead content will be available next week, launching on September 29th for both Xbox 360 and PC.

The new content will consist of the previously unveiled 'Crash Course' campaign, which is a two-level campaign intended mainly for Versus play and which bridges the gap between No Mercy and Blood Harvest. It has an estimated play-time of 30 minutes and will include new Survival maps.

The Crash Course add-on will be free for all PC users, but will cost 560 MS points on the Xbox 360 - something Valve claims it has been forced into by Microsoft.

Let us know your thoughts on the games in the forums - and don't forget to check out our Complete Guide to Left 4 Dead either!
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