Left 4 Dead 2 trailer leaked

Written by Joe Martin

October 23, 2009 | 11:04

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First, the good news; a new trailer for Left 4 Dead 2 has been leaked - one which provides an extended look at some of the new story-telling systems, as well as some of the boss infected such as the Spitter and Jockey. You can watch it below.

Now, the bad news - Valve's appeal against the Australian rating refusal (effectively a ban on the game in Australia) has been refused, meaning that the game will not be available in it's uncensored form in Australia.

Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 was banned in Australia a short while ago, falling victim to the lack of an 18+ rating option for the Australian ratings body, the OFLC. Simply put, if a game or movie isn't suitable for a 15+ audience then it is refused classification in Australia. Games that are refused classification can't be sold publicly, effecting a ban on the product.

Valve appealed the ban obviously, but today the appeal was refused on the basis that there isn't a clear distinction between the human characters and the zombie infected. Well, d'uh.

"It was the Review Board's opinion that there was insufficient delineation between the depiction of general zombie figures and the human figures, as opposed to the clearly fictional 'infected' characters," said an OFLC press statement. "This was a major consideration of the Review Board in determining the impact of this game on minors."

Valve has since confirmed that an Aussie-friendly version of the game will be made available in order to comply with the MA 15+ rating which is the maximum rating the game can be given. It'll likely be similar to the version of the game available in Germany and will no longer contain content such as "decapitations, dismemberment, wound detail, or piles of bodies lying about the environment."

Where's the fun in that? Let us know your thoughts in the forums and don't forget to check out the trailer below - or our latest Left 4 Dead 2 hands-on preview for more info.

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