Left 4 Dead Survival Pack coming next month

Written by Joe Martin

March 24, 2009 | 12:22

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The first add-on pack to be released for Left 4 Dead is due out on the Xbox 360 next month, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed today. No official word was offered on the PC version of the same pack, though it's likely that the release will be concurrent for both platforms.

The new downloadable pack, called the Survival Pack, is the first planned expansion for Valve's co-op zombie shooter and should help to rejuvenate the game by adding in new game modes and campaigns for Versus Mode - namely the two existing campaigns, Dead Air and Death Toll, neither of which are currently unlocked for Versus.

The other major addition to game will be the new Survival Mode, which will pit players against endless swarms of zombies that continue to come in increasingly difficult waves. The aim is to stave off the inevitable defeat for as long as possible, accruing points in the process.

Speaking with CVG a Microsoft PR confirmed that the Xbox 360 update will be out, for free, on April 21st. Although there's no confirmation for the PC release date, we do know that it will still be free on the PC at least.

If you've not played the game just yet then you can check out our full review of Left 4 Dead, or if you're already an avowed fan then you can read our extensive guide on how to play Left 4 Dead to the fullest. Either way, drop your thoughts in the forums.
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