Lucasarts: 'We haven't always made good games'

Written by Joe Martin

June 2, 2011 | 11:41

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Lucasarts has pledged to gamers that future Star Wars games will offer a more authentic and immersive experience than recent titles, which it acknowledges have often missed the mark.

There are two Star Wars games currently in production, but neither are being developed by Lucasarts directly. Instead, Bioware is working on PC MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, while Terminal Reality is making Star Wars Kinect for the Xbox 360.

'LucasArts is a company with tremendous potential,' Lucasarts' Paul Meegan said in an interview with MCV. 'I think people look at it and wonder why it hasn't done better in recent years.'

'In recent years, LucasArts hasn't always done a good job of making games. We should be making games that define our medium, that are competitive with the best of our industry, but we're not. That has to change...Our priority is to create authentic, immersive, high quality Star Wars games.'

Lucasarts' last Star Wars game was The Force Unleashed 2, which failed to wow critics. Other recent titles have focused on remakes of much-loved classics.

We had a look at the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic recently and were less than impressed. Bit-Gamer columnist Richard Cobbett also gave us his thoughts on the suitability of the fiction lately.

Check out a trailer for The Old Republic below, then head to the Video section for more. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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