Mass Effect 2 details revealed

Written by Joe Martin

May 26, 2009 | 10:56

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BioWare has unveiled a fair few details about some of the new characters, locations and story details that players can expect to come across in Mass Effect 2, with more details promised to be unveiled at E3, but no news on the newly announced Mass Effect iPhone game.

The details were unveiled in a preview in the latest issue of OXM magazine, which states rather enigmatically that players can expect to play as Shepherd for "at least a portion of the game," according to Eurogamer. Shepherd will have changed in the time between titles however, with the sequel presenting the character in a darker and much grittier style than before.

Matching the darker mood of the game are a bunch of new characters that can Shepherd can recruit. including an assassin called Thane, an unnamed Salarian scientist and a Krogan warrior called Grunt. Joker, pilot of the Normandy, will return for the sequel too and will again be voiced by Seth Green.

Three new major locations have been revealed too, including a new "anti-citadel" that promises to be a hive of scum and villainy, a Cerebus mothership and a heavily populated Asari planet called Illium. Mixed in there somewhere will also be a new alien race, the Drell.

The preview talks briefly about some new gameplay features too, including weapons that can clear rooms in one shot or utterly dissolve enemies. The Mako planet-exploring section of the game is being totally redesigned too and the long elevator rides and texture pop-up are being completely removed. Players can also look forward to some suitably distinct endings based on whether their character leans more towards Paragon or Renegade.

More details are set to be unveiled at E3 2009, but BioWare also revealed that the final downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 1 is currently being finished up. There's no release date set for it yet, but it should offer players a chance to explore a new 'Fight Club' arena system. Let us know what you think about that in the forums and, if you haven't done so already, check out our Mass Effect PC review for more details on the game.
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