Master of Orion reboot to launch on August 25

August 11, 2016 | 12:13

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Master of Orion, a reboot of the much-loved sci-fi strategy franchise, has an official launch date: August 25.

Known as a 4X game - for explore, expand, exterminate, and exploit - the Master of Orion franchise was launched in 1993 by simulation specialist MicroProse. Two sequels followed before the company fell, and the franchise lay dormant before being picked up by Wargaming for a reboot. Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars, as the fourth entry in the franchise is to be known, has been under development by Argentinian game developer NGD Studios, best known for MMO title Regnum Online, and launched under Steam Early Access in February this year.

Now, Wargaming is ready to fully release the title, and has set a launch date of August 25. 'The journey for Master of Orion's reboot has been an amazing one, and now we’ve approached our destination,' claimed Jacob Beucler, publishing product director on the proejct. 'Along for the ride was the Master of Orion community, sharing their thoughts and guiding us toward an amazing Master of Orion experience for the new age!'

Anyone linking their copy of Master of Orion to a new or existing account will receive a free copy of 1997 real-time strategy title Total Annihilation, Wargaming has confirmed. A collector's edition has also been announced, including the base game, all three original Master of Orion titles, digital art book, orchestral soundtrack, retro-style ship skins, and an exclusive playable race: the Terran Khanate.

Both versions of the game will be available on Steam and GoG now, priced at £23 and £39.99 respectively. Those buying in advance of the official launch date can receive the collector's edition for £29.99. Full details are available on the official website.
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