Microsoft announces Age of Empires Online

Written by Joe Martin

August 17, 2010 | 11:27

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GamesCom 2010: Microsoft has announced a new Age of Empires game is in the works on the eve of GamesCom 2010 in Cologne, Germany.

Dubbed Age of Empires Online, the new title is a step forwards for the long-running series, taking the strategy to an online focus - as you can probably tell by the name.

Gameplay will take place in a large, online world where players will take their own Greek civilisation from a small gathering of huts to a massive empire state, battling with friends and enemies along the way.

The announcement information for Age of Empires Online boasts about epic quests, quirky characters and a deeply strategic gameplay, but also mentions that the game will tie into Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service for it's social aspect.

Age of Empires Online will apparently offer "free to play experiences via Games for Windows Live" too, though it's unclear if that means the game will be completely free and financed by microtransactions or just without a subscription fee. The official FAQ doesn't shed much light on that issue either; we'll be chasing Microsoft for a comment at the show later this week.

Age of Empires Online is being developed by Robots Entertainment, is currently in closed beta and is headed for a 2011 release. Robots' main focus is on broadening the appeal of the game while also retaining a hardcore edge, apparently.

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