Microsoft Flight Sim devs found new studio

Written by Joe Martin

October 14, 2009 | 14:02

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Developers left out in the cold after Microsoft closed down ACES Studio, it's internal flight simulator team, have now begun to assemble around a new company - Cascade Game Foundry.

Launched by ex-ACES designers Rick Selby and Kathie Flood, Cascade Game Foundry is based in Washington and will focus on the simulation genre.

According to comments made in the official press release, Cascade isn't just going to focus on flights sims either. Flood and Selby are very much aware that the flight sim genre is their "critical foundation", but say the team hopes to expand into all manner of sims.

The plans look quite extensive too, with Cascade's press release making mention of train driving simulators, scuba diving sims, hiking sims and even mountain climbing sims set in the Andes. Ambitious, or what?

The team's official site is already online and development has already begun on a demo of Cascade's first planned game.

"The beauty of starting a new studio is that we get to reconsider all our preconceived notions,” commented Selby, a former Lead Product Designer at Microsoft. “Our previous efforts focused on building traditional simulation titles. However, now we get to redefine what a simulation game can be. As a designer, that is incredibly liberating.

The hardcore simulation fan is the critical foundation, but why stop there?” said Selby. “We want to deliver unique experiences that appeal to diverse audiences around the world.

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