Microsoft: "PC gaming is very important to us"

Written by Joe Martin

June 23, 2010 | 10:50

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Microsoft may not have made practically any mention of the PC platform at E3 2010 last week, preferring to focus on Kinect and the Xbox 360 Slim instead, but it is still claiming a revived interest in Windows-based gaming.

According to internal mail discovered by Kotaku, Microsoft's PRs are being fed answers to questions about whether the recently announced PC version of Fable 3 indicates a slight change of direction for the company.

"In terms of revenue, Windows is far and away the largest gaming platform in the world," says Microsoft's official response. "It's an incredibly important part of Microsoft's business. From core games like Fable III to casual, social and Facebook titles, more gaming happens on Windows than anywhere else."

"Windows 7 is a world-class gaming platform, and you can bet Microsoft has a vested interest in using it as a platform for amazing first party content. Fable III on Windows as well as Xbox 360 this holiday is a great first step, and we'll have more news for you later this summer."

Whether the PR plans indicate a genuine change of direction for Microsoft or just some PR spiel waits to be seen, especially since Microsoft's latest efforts on the PC, such as Games For Windows Live, have been poorly received by gamers, developers and journalists alike.

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