Mirror's Edge DLC delayed

Written by Joe Martin

January 29, 2009 | 11:55

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The new time trial map pack for Mirror's Edge that was meant to be released on all platforms today, but has been hit by delays and now won't be out for a week or two at least, according to Electronic Arts.

Mirror's Edge developer DICE today announced that it had run into problems with the new downloadable pack of time trial and racing maps for the game and that the pack would not be available until some point in February.

Oddly though, PlayStation 3 players will still be able to download their exclusive PlayStation 3 time trial map despite the delays for other platforms.

"To offer a completely smooth experience for players, DICE announced today that the DLC map pack for Mirror's Edge on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC will be delayed until February. However, the free exclusive map for PlayStation 3 players will be available to download on January 29 as previously announced," read an official statement from EA.

When exactly the DLC will be fully available hasn't been speculated upon, nor has the exact nature of the problem or why the PS3 exclusive level is still launching on time.

The DLC release will be the first piece of downloadable content for Mirror's Edge, but won't seek to expand the singleplayer storyline. Instead, the included levels will be accessible only through the time trial and race modes and will be made up of abstract courses and free-floating shapes, not skyscrapers and subway tunnels - you can get a good look at it over on the official Mirror's Edge site.

Mirror's Edge has definitely had us wowed though, despite the short length of the singleplayer game. Check out out full Mirror's Edge PC review for a deeper look at the game and an analysis of the enhanced PhysX content, then drop your thoughts in the forums.
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