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Written by Harry Butler

February 6, 2009 | 13:56

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Following on from the success of its Zombie co-op shooter masterpiece Left 4 Dead, Valve has announced that the first major content update for the game will be coming this spring, bringing with it an entirely new game mode and more versus support.

The update, headed to both Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, will include the as yet un-detailed “Survivor” game mode, which we wouldn’t be too surprised if it turns out to be something along the lines of the very popular Horde mode in Gears of War 2 or the Zombie Survival bonus level in Call of Duty: World at War, with the survivors defending a single position against ever increasing mountains of enemies.

The new versus content, currently described as just two new campaigns, will likely be the much anticipated versus play of the original’s Dead Air and Death Toll campaigns which was left out of the retail release – good news for those who enjoy the glee of authorised griefing with the help of 40ft prehensile tongues and exploding fatties.

The update will also bring with it the much anticipated Left 4 Dead SDK, finally allowing the mod community to start creating its own campaigns and levels – something that Left 4 Dead, with its limited four campaigns, has been crying out for.

No news on release dates or pricing yet, but we thoroughly expect Valve to release the pack as a free update as it has done previously with new content and maps for Team Fortress 2.

Excited about the prospect of the new game mode and versus play or disappointed these features weren’t included in the retail release? Either way, let us know in the forums
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